frequently Asked Questions

Landscape Lighting

Lightscape Outdoor Lighting provides a one year warranty on labor and installation. We closely follow our manufacturers’ warranties for product defects.

We utilize only the best Made in the USA fixtures and hardware in all of our landscape lighting installations. Typically the fixtures we install are either solid brass or copper and carry a lifetime manufacturer warranty.  Combined with our Warranty Forever program, you system is designed and installed to last.

The ideal time for us to get involved is after the home is constructed and while your landscaping plan is being developed. We will work with your landscape and hardscape installer/designers to ensure outdoor lighting is carefully and correctly incorporated into your designs.

Yes! We have highly trained maintenance crews available to keep your landscape lighting system in excellent condition. We also keep an extensive inventory of fixtures, components, and repair parts in our warehouse and on our work vehicles. Most of our clients utilize our Annual Service Agreement to keep their systems operating in excellent condition.

No. We do not use subcontractors to install or service our landscape lighting systems. Our outdoor landscape lighting systems are only designed and installed by employees of Lightscape Outdoor Lighting.

In depends on the size and scope of the project. Some may be completed in as little as one day, some several days to a few weeks.  The typical size projects we install average 2-3 days with a crew of 3.

A low voltage outdoor lighting system may only increase a utility bill very minimally, most often unnoticeable.  Low voltage lighting systems use 66% less power than older traditional line voltage systems like Xenon and Halogen.  Additionally they are much safer and provide a more vibrant and true illumination of objects at night.

There is no typical cost, just like there is no typical home or business with the type of clients we work with at Lightscape Outdoor Lighting. We work closely with each customer to determine their budget requirements in advance and if we will be able to design a complete system that meets your budget but still properly illuminates your home or business.

We only installed Low voltage LED landscape lighting and will install retrofit LED systems to replace out Xenon or Halogen systems. We use made in the USA LED landscape lighting that better replicates the warm light of standard halogen and incandescent light.

Lightscape™ Outdoor Lighting provides custom LED outdoor lighting fixtures. We design and install only American made, highly recognized and highly reliable lighting from the top manufacturers in the United States who offer a wide variety of fixture choices with lifetime warranties on their products.

Installing long-lasting landscape lighting and properly illuminating your home or businesses key architectural and landscape features is like an artist painting a canvas. It takes talent, skill and the installations are quite challenging. At Lightscape Outdoor Lighting, our professional landscape lighting designers know how to properly design and use the right fixtures and materials for any outdoor space.


Call or complete our contact form and one of our award winning lighting designers will call to ask you a few questions to see if your lighting project is a good fit for the type of work we do.  After a brief initial phone consultation, we would be happy to meet you at your property to discuss a custom design or phased approach that meets both your needs and your budget. We will show you the products we use and walk through each detail of the design, installation, post installation and servicing your system to keep it working like new!


We install low voltage LED outdoor lighting systems, all over Northwest Ohio and the Lake Erie Shores and Islands area. We also travel should you have a second or vacation home elsewhere you would like us to illuminate.


Our installation professionals pride themselves on being as minimally invasive as possible. We don’t use trenching machines and most cuts in the lawn are gone in 1-2 weeks.  We also practice the “leave no trace” and do our best to leave your home in the condition it was before we even began the work.


We’ve assembled a list of most common issues marked “troubleshooting” under our maintenance program tab such as, (what happens when a lamp is not working or the entire system does not come on) to avoid the cost and headache of unnecessary service calls. If you have a problem not addressed here, just call or email us and we will be out to your property to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible.

No.  At Lightscape Outdoor Lighting, we install Lutron Smart Home technology on every system and can integrate your existing porch, garage or other exterior lighting to compliment your landscape lighting design.  Every system is astronomically timed adjusting to the sunrise/sunset times daily for the GPS coordinates of your home. Additionally we can create any schedule for your system and even DIM the lighting system if desired to your optimal viewing level.


Lightscape Outdoor Lighting only installs top of the line American made products at a very competitive price. We are a small veteran owned and operated company and your business means the world to our family. We are passionate about what we do and maintain a 5 Star level of service with all of our clients.  We go to any length to ensure you are completely satisfied with everything we do.

Everything! From our lifetime warranted fixtures and transformers and our Warranty Forever program, to our lighting designs and installation standards, our services are unparalleled.  The landscape lighting fixtures, products and accessories purchased at the “Big Box” stores are Apples to Oranges in comparison to the products we install.