In order to keep your lighting systems operating properly for many years to come, we offer a periodic maintenance program.  With this program, our experienced maintenance technician(s) will come to your location twice a year (semi-annually) or annually examining all equipment to ensure everything is running properly and in good working condition. You will not be charged for a replacement of LED lamps that are under warranty. This does not apply to systems that have been affected by weather related incidents such as lightning strikes or flooding. New customers will be charged for LED lamps on existing systems not installed previously by Lightscape™ Outdoor Lighting. 

Our Maintenance Technicians will: 

  • Check all lamps and replace if needed
  • Clean glass lenses of debris and hard water 
  • Trim plantings around the lamps so they are not covering any lights
  • Adjust any clams on tree mounted fixtures (if installed) so they are not growing into the trees
  • Fix any wires that may be cut and/or bury any exposed lines
  • Adjust transformer on/off times if needed and inspect for any other issues
  • Adjust/Re-angle fixtures that may have shifted to ensure the best lighting angle
  • Replace any broken or damaged fixtures.  If the damage is a manufacturers defect, we will submit the fixture to the manufacturer for replacement under the terms of its’ warranty. Otherwise, there may be an additional fee. This will be discussed directly with the homeowner prior any replacement

The Lightscape Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Program is divided into options to best meet your individual needs based upon your location and the number of installed lights.

Maintenance Plan Pricing:

Tier 1 Semi-Annual/Annual: $105.00/$205.00 –   In Area $150.00/$225.00 –  Out of Area (10-20 Lights)

Tier 2 Semi-Annual/Annual: $150.00/$250.00 – In Area $275.00/$325.00 –  Out of Area (20-40 Lights) 

Tier 3 Semi-Annual/Annual: $275.00/$375.00 – In Area $375.00/$425.00 –  Out of Area (40+ Lights) 

In Area Service Locations:  Columbus & Vicinity, New Albany, Westerville, Lewis Center, Gahanna, Dublin, Hilliard, Blacklick, Pickerington, Buckeye Lake, Bexley, Granville, Newark, Upper Arlington, Grove City, Centerburg, Sunbury, Delaware, & Galena

Out of Area Service Locations: Marysville, Lake Choctaw, Mt Vernon, Lancaster, London, Marion, Zanesville, Mansfield

Enjoy the ease of automatic scheduling. Once enrolled, we automatically add you to our periodic rotation.   Pay all at once or installments.

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