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Residential Outdoor Lighting

Light… it changes everything! We invite you to Seize the Night™ and explore the benefits of exquisite well-placed, layered outdoor lighting. Low voltage, LED lighting allows the beauty of your home to be displayed throughout the night, and sets your guests at ease before they even knock on the front door. Illuminating your home with professionally designed exterior lighting can increase curb appeal, property values and is a surefire way to deter break-ins. Let our team create a unique lighting plan for your distinctive home. Contact us for a consultation.

Illuminate Your Business

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

You have worked hard to make your building and property a part of your brand.  Let Matt and his team light up your business property so that it shines all through the night.  Lightscape™ Outdoor Lighting can give a voice to your commercial building and property by artistically placing light so that it catches the attention of those passing by and leaves the viewer in a state of awe and wonder.  It is time find out how your business can benefit from our expertise. What are you waiting for? Contact us today.


Light Up Your Holidays

Christmas Light Installation

Exterior holiday lights can add so much joy and cheerfulness to your home, but the thought of untangling lines of lights, or balancing on a ladder can ruin the holidays before they even start! We not only install and remove your holiday lighting, but we can even store them throughout the year.  How about that for convenience? Be sure to schedule a consultation and let us create a new vision for your home or business this holiday season.  Lightscape™ Outdoor Lighting is proud member of and certified by CLIPA (Christmas Lights Installation Pros Association). 

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